Looking for a meaningful project to endorse in during the long Summer break? THIS is your programme.

You are eligible for registration if you are a university student or Cambridge offer holder who is over the age of 18. The registration form can be found here, and only takes one minute to complete. Please do not hesitate to give yourself a chance to build a school for those in need!

As volunteers, YOUR opinions and ideas are just as important as those of our committee members, and will help us develop both our future projects as well as our society. However, the preschool cannot be built without your effort in mobilising financial resources from our community. Every volunteer is both expected and responsible for raising £50. The CHOICE committee will provide help to every volunteer for this cause.

You can participate in the Programme team or the Publicity team as a volunteer!

Contribute to the development of our 2011 trip by joining one of the two teams, or if you are keen, join our committee for 2011-12. For more information about the trip and the project, please attend our briefing session, which will be held on 5th Feb.

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