With our trip to Cambodia soon approaching, it is perhaps now the best time to start our collection for in-kind donations– donations to the children in the form of usable goods rather than money. We strongly believe in the value of this, as it means that objects that are still usable but somehow left dusted at a corner in your room can get reused! The following list are examples that you can donate:

– laptops/computers: used ones please- we dont want them to sell those for profit
– mobile phones: ditto
– books: loads of them, it will also be nice if you could spend some time writing a few words of encouragement on the blank pages
– toys: again, not too expensive
At the moment, we feel that it’s probably not a good idea to donate some items, which include clothes and stationery– so if in doubt, please talk to us.
We will be collecting until right before the trip, so please use the opportunity and do ask around whenever you see neighbours throwing out their child’s toys, or when you visit your relative’s homes. Every effort will be a gift to the children!
For queries and more details, drop us an email at cambridge.choice@gmail.com

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