We have launched our first ever online fundraising campaign this year to fundraise for a library for a middle school in Catdang. We aim to raise £2,000 during the course of 60 days starting from January.

Engaging in fundraising on Indiegogo was a novel experience for all of us. From brainstorming idea for perks that we can offer our generous donors to filming the promotional video, we have all come to appreciate much more of what promoting our campaign entails in a fast-paced digital age. A big shout-out has to go to Vincent Man, our treasurer, for conceiving the idea and coordinating the creation of the campaign. By launching an internet campaign, we hope to attract more support from individuals on top of seeking donations from bigger firms through regular channels.

In conjunction with our Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness about CHOICE, we held a Krispy Kreme sale on 20th February 2015 on West Road and Downing Site. We are really grateful for the enthusiasm that we received from students – we sold all 25 dozens of doughnuts. The proceeds raised from this sale will also contribute towards the building of the library.

Last but not least, please support our Indiegogo campaign at More details about the campaign can also be found on the above website.

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