Every year, CHOICE embarks on a service trip to Southeast Asia, as a part of our mission to raise awareness on and improve education. This year marks the second year of our cooperation with Rural Education and Environment Development Centre, Nepal (REED Nepal) in the Free by Three programme, where we aim to increase collaboration and donation efforts to three secondary schools in Sindhuli, Nepal across three years to facilitate improvement in campus facilities and teaching methods.

In early September, the CHOICE committee took off for Nepal with seven volunteers for a week of teaching in Sindhuli. We taught English and Maths to students from Grade 6 to 9 in the morning and conducted extracurricular activities with them in the afternoon. We have made slingshots, built projectors, and tie-dyed t-shirts with the students while teaching Science and Art in the process. Adhering to our principle of interactive and immersive teaching, we have incorporated games to enliven our lessons and teaching. Suffice to say, students’ laughter, intent gaze, and their enthusiasm in cracking Math puzzles were the best testament to our efforts and success.

Apart from teaching, we have also engaged in meetings with teachers to discuss difficulties in teaching and potentially helpful pedagogy. The meeting offered a great chance to enhance our understanding in the mechanism of classroom teaching and practical difficulties that must be overcome for long term improvement. We are grateful for the patience and support kindly extended by teachers of the schools we visited, and we hope that our teaching was constructive to their future planning and teaching.

Behind all the lessons and meetings stood our bedrock of support – REED Nepal. This trip could not have been as smooth or even possible without the meticulous coordination of REED Nepal. Staff from REED has provided valuable on-the-ground support in organisation and translation, as well as insightful input in teaching development. Here we would like to thank REED Nepal for their support and trust to have made this trip as fruitful and constructive as it has always been hoped for.

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