A rewind of CHOICE 2019 International Service Trip

Every year, CHOICE embarks on a service trip to Southeast Asia, as a part of our mission to raise awareness on and improve education. This year marks the second year of our cooperation with Rural Education and Environment Development Centre, Nepal (REED Nepal) in the Free by Three programme, where we aim to increase collaboration … Continue reading A rewind of CHOICE 2019 International Service Trip

BEHIND THE SCENES: CHOICE International Service Trip 2019

The annual CHOICE international service trip is more than the highlight of our organisation - it is the pinnacle of our endeavours, and the culmination of our teaching experience and passion. To ensure that our teaching meet the needs of the schools we serve, the CHOICE committee went on a pre-trip in late June to … Continue reading BEHIND THE SCENES: CHOICE International Service Trip 2019

CHOICE Tung Tak Christmas Service 2018

Apart from our annual summer service trip, CHOICE also organises local service initiatives to give back to our community. This year, our committee alongside 12 student volunteers returned to Tung Tak School during their Christmas celebration to set up game booths and lead game sessions. Whilst this program enabled our volunteers to gain invaluable experience … Continue reading CHOICE Tung Tak Christmas Service 2018

CHOICE Science Workshop 2017

On 9th December, CHOICE organised a science workshop for P.1-6 students with Mongkok Church Educational Development Centre. Mongkok Church Educational Development Centre has been serving under-privileged families in the Mongkok region for several years. The science workshop aimed to spark the student’s interest in science, giving them an opportunity to learn and try experiments. We would … Continue reading CHOICE Science Workshop 2017

CHOICE Bridgemas Cookie Sale

❄ Some people are worth melting for... As the first fundraising activity of the 2017/18 tenure, our committee decide to send some warmth to our fellow Cambridge schoolmates with the snowman cookie delivery! Turning ourselves into Bridgemas elves, our committee came together to make marshmallow-headed snowman cookies with unique icing, and delivered them to the doorsteps (well, … Continue reading CHOICE Bridgemas Cookie Sale