A service trip is organised by CHOICE annually during the summer period, and we welcome anyone who is interested in taking part to join the trip. Sign-up details for the 2019 trip will be announced on this website and our Facebook page in March.

To inspire volunteers is one of the core values of CHOICE; hence at CHOICE, we strongly encourage volunteers’ participation from brainstorming, planning, to execution, and we value volunteers’ opinions most highly.

To allow volunteers to actually contribute to the planning stages of the project, we organise volunteers into various teams, where each team will have their individual workshops before the trip. Through these workshops, we hope that volunteers will be able to add to the effort of the committee using their creativity and imagination, so that we can bring more to the children.


Cooperation Opportunities

If you are a staff of an NGO and would like to explore cooperation opportunities, please get in touch with us at cambridge.choice@gmail.com



We welcome donations for the project (i.e. directly to the benefitting NGO)and for the operation (i.e. running cost of the society). Please email us at cambridge.choice@gmail.com if you wish to contribute- we would like to thank you in advance for your support.


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