Cambridge Hong-Kong Operation for International Children’s Education (CHOICE) is a group of Cambridge University Hong Kong students that share vision and drive of making a difference in the world around us through addressing the education needs in developing areas.


  • Education is a basic human right
  • Education is the key to enable underprivileged children to escape the cycle of poverty


Instilling Hope and Positive Energy

  • Bringing the hope of quality learning and upward mobility to students we teach through interactions with compassionate volunteers
  • Bring about happiness through our presence and interactions with them

Raising Awareness and Developing Global Perspectives

  • Provide the volunteers with a better understanding of educational issues in developing countries
  • Develop volunteer’s sense of global citizenship

Igniting Passion

  • Ignite student’s passion for learning, quest for knowledge and the passion for ‘trying’ and ‘trying again’
  • Develop volunteer’s passion for sustainable impact and the passion to serve the less fortunate wholeheartedly