Committee 2021/22: 

  • President: Megan Chong (Selwyn, Natural Sciences)
  • Internal Vice-President: Marvil Cheung (Magdalene, Mathematics)
  • External Vice-President: Torres Ng (Homerton, Geography)
  • Treasurer: Tobias Poon (Homerton, Geography)
  • Teaching Directors: Ryan Shum (Magdalene, Natural Sciences) &
    Stephanie Cho (Churchill, Computer Science)
  • Logistics Director: Bernice Cheung (St. John’s, Law)
  • Publicity Officer: Clarisse Cheng (Peterhouse, Architecture)

Committee 2020/21:

  • President: Brighton Lau (Magdalene, Human, Social, and Political Sciences)
  • Internal Vice-President: Maria Mak (Jesus, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences)
  • External Vice-President: Tiffany Lau (Lucy Cavendish, Land Economy)
  • Treasurer: Annie Lee (Girton, Economics)
  • Teaching Director: Bryant Ng (Fitzwilliam, Engineering)
  • Logistics Director: Keith Lau (Magdalene, Land Economy)
  • Publicity Officer: Cherie Chow (Churchill, Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences)

Committee 2019/20:

  • President: Issac Fung (Emmanuel, History)
  • Internal Vice-President: Simpson Tam (Fitzwilliam, Medicine)
  • External Vice-President: Macy Chung (Downing, Land Economy)
  • Treasurer: Sophie Haissaguerre (Corpus Christi, Economics)
  • Teaching Director: Jaimie Ding (Pembroke, Medicine)
  • Logistics Director: Danissa Wan (Robinson, Engineering)
  • Publicity Officer: Charlotte Cheang (Newnham, Human, Social, and Political Sciences)

Committee 2018/19:

  • President: Sheren Mao (Peterhouse, Law)
  • Internal Vice-President: Rita Kan (Pembroke, Law)
  • External Vice-President: Ellen Fung (Pembroke, Medicine)
  • Treasurer: Mervyn Tong (Emmanuel, Mathematics)
  • Teaching Director: Sandy Ng (Queens’, Land Economy)
  • Logistics Director: Dora Tse (Trinity Hall, Land Economy)
  • Publicity Director: Jess Ma (Corpus Christi, Human, Social, and Political Sciences)

Committee 2017/18:

  • President: Jonathan Mui (Sidney Sussex, Medicine)
  • Internal Vice-President: Yat Yi Lung (Homerton, Law)
  • External Vice-President: Timothy Tan (Pembroke, Economics)
  • Treasurer: Bowie Wong (Peterhouse, Economics)
  • Teaching Director: Polly Chan (Queens’, Law)
  • Logistics Director: Jamie Lai (Trinity Hall, Law)
  • Publicity Director: Stephanie Wai (Robinson, Engineering)

Committee 2016/17:

  • President: Faith Yeung (Trinity Hall, Law)
  • Internal Vice-President: George Ho (Emmanuel, Law)
  • External Vice-President: Karen Ma (Newnham, Natural Sciences)
  • Treasurer: Timothy Tan (Pembroke, Economics)
  • Teaching Director: Fergus Tam (Fitzwilliam, Law)
  • Logistics Director: Leo Lai (Christ’s, Geography)
  • Marketing Director: Gladys Ma (Clare, Law)

Committee 2015/16:

  • President: Andreas Wong (Gonville and Caius, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences)
  • Vice-President: Kenneth Wong (Homerton, Law)
  • Finance Director: Lok Him Cheung (Trinity Hall, Law)
  • Project Directors: Karen Young (Churchill, Architecture), Faith Yeung (Trinity Hall, Law), Mike Hong (Pembroke, Natural Sciences)
  • Marketing Director: Aaron Tam (St. John’s, Economics)

Committee 2014/15:

  • President: Bryan Cheung (Pembroke, Chemical Engineering)
  • External Vice-President: Justin Chan (Fitzwilliam, Economics)
  • Internal Vice-President: Natalie So (Magdalene, Law)
  • Treasurer: Vincent Man (Magdalene, Economics)
  • Project Directors: Evangeline Tsui (Newnham, Law), Stephanie Tsang (Magdalene, Law)
  • Marketing Director: Abby Wong (Gonville and Caius, Philosophy)

Committee 2013/14:

  • President: Ernest Tai (Churchill College, Engineering)
  • Vice-President: Andrew Tyau (Gonville and Caius College, Management)
  • Project Director: Natalie So (Magdalene College, Law)
  • Marketing Director: Bryan Cheung (Pembroke College, Natural Sciences)
  • Treasurer: Justin Chan (Fitzwilliam College, Economics)
  • Operations Director: Charis Chung (Downing College, Law)
  • General Secretary: Kelvin Yeung (Sidney Sussex College, Engineering)

Committee 2012/13:

  • President: Natasha Brown (Downing College, Law)
  • Vice-President: Joyce Chow (Jesus College, Law)
  • Project Directors: Jasmine Cheung (Jesus College, Law)
    Esther Ho (Newnham College, Natural Sciences)
  • Marketing Director: Hugo Chan (Churchill College, Law)
  • Finance Director: Colman Yau (Sidney Sussex College, Mathematics)
  • Operations Director: Victor Sun (Trinity College, Engineering)
Committee 2011/12:
  • President: Emmy Tsang (Churchill College, Natural Sciences)
  • Project Director: Veronica Tse (Selwyn College, Law)
  • Programme Directors: Angie Yan (Newnham College, Law)
    Connie Leung (Downing College, PPS)
  • Fundraising Directors: Joyce Man (Newnham College, Engineering)
    Sarah Tong (Magdalene College, Engineering)
  • Operations Director: Paddy Szeto (Downing College, Natural Sciences)
  • Finance Director: Brian Tong (Fitzwilliam College, Economics)
  • Public Relations Director: Thomas Chong (Fitzwilliam College, Engineering)

Committee 2010/11:

  • Derek Tsoi (Downing College, Natural Sciences)
  • Geoffrey Tang (Churchill College, Natural Sciences)
  • Ivan Lam (Downing College, Engineering)
  • Kenneth Lock (Trinity College, Economics)
  • Tina Kwok (Murray Edwards College, Engineering)
  • Ella Fung (Newnham College, Natural Sciences)
  • Emmy Tsang (Churchill College, Natural Sciences)